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Break Nokia's Shield

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Break Nokia's Shield

Post by A.A.Raheem on Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:36 am

Brief Introduction:

What is Breaking the Shield?

Breaking the shield allows to install any nokia compatable program to the phone without being annoyed by the "Can't install" message.

Note: this procedure won't be workable if the phone is updated

Tried and Successfully worked on N95, E90

Note: turn off any anti virus program

1. Connect your phone via cable
2. Download and install the x-plore program and keygen on your phone



How to use keygen

on your phone. type *#06#

and a serial number appears.......then, type the serial number into the IMEI located in the keygen program and press generate...

3. a> Download and install hello carbide on your phone

Download URL:

b> Open the program and click on Options-->Menu 1 --> then OK

4. in you phone, press and hold the menu button and head to the x-plore program

Download and copy/paste the "installserver" file to this extention C/SYS/BIN

Install server download link:


5. Reboot your phone. Now, download any comaptable program to your phone

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